Poke is a Hawaiian delicacy of marinated fresh...

Poke is a healthy Hawaiian staple of marinated, cut-up raw fish, often made with tuna.

Build-your-own poke bowl spots are popping up all over the country, where you can pair your choice of delicate fish with rice and as many toppings
It’s low in calories, high in protein and super easy to prep and top.

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  • home_icecream_testimonial2
    POKÉ bowl? DEEEELISH! Stumbled upon this place as I was searching for some good food. Poké caught my eye with the cutest fish sign hanging by the window. Since I love seafood, I decided to try it out. It was my first time trying this Hawaiian flavorful yumminess!
    Marine M.
  • home_icecream_testimonial3

    I drove by this place. I saw the name and liked the concept. I walked inside and was immediately welcomed by the friendly staff. The menu was easily to read and I liked the options. Food quality was outstanding Food portions were excellent. Staff was helpful, attentive and friendly.

    Shaun C.
  • home_icecream_testimonial1
    I give this place 5 stars mainly because I've tried other poke places and this one made me never go back to the other ones! You can taste how fresh their fish is & the employees are so friendly! You also get unlimited toppings at a reasonable price, I highly recommend you try it!!
    Tom Johnson

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